commander une

petite quantité?

Quelles sont les tailles des pailles en papier Wilbistraw?

Avez-vous des données de test sur vos pailles?

Les pailles en papier

Wilbistraw sont-elles



Puis-je personnaliser les pailles en papier Wilbistraw pour mon prochain évènement?

Les pailles en papier Wilbistraw sont-elles approuvées par la FDA?

Why compostable plastic straws are not the solution?

While compostable plastic straws are good in theory, they can be disposed but only in commercial composter – so there is still a significant possibility they will still wind up in landfills or in waterways and oceans where they will not degrade, making them problematic still: compostable plastic straws are no better than regular plastic straws when they get into the marine environment. They are designed to break down in compost facility conditions, not sea water.


That‘s why we support the switch to paper straws, not compostable plastic straws.


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